Become a Friend

Hesperos Choir started with a love for choral music and a desire to sing together every week to a high standard.

Our first expense was a pint of semi-skimmed milk, an essential for our half-time cuppas (we had the teabags lying around at home). Since then, we have realised that running a choir means spending money on quite a lot of things, not least score hire and printing, so we don't have to learn everything by ear.

If you are interested in helping us to develop further as an ensemble, there are numerous ways you can give us a leg up. To become a Friend, you  could:

Buy us enough biscuits for a month - £10

  • We get through about one packet of biscuits per rehearsal. You do the maths.
  • In return, you get the satisfaction of knowing you have staved off the munchies for another four weeks *tummy rumbles at the thought*.

Print our programmes - £50

  • Many of us have music degrees and actually enjoy writing about the music we perform. Taking this informative work from screen to stage (see what we did there!) requires paper, ink and a lot of patient folding.
  • In return, you would see your name in print. Second best to lights.

Get us on the road - £100

  • We're going places and we want to go places. This could be anywhere - from an Oxford college to sing an Evensong, to a local school to sing with some kids. We're aiming to have some money in the kitty to have the option of paying expenses to singers who may not otherwise afford to come along.
  • In return, we will send you a postcard from somewhere we end up, invite you and a plus one to a performance, and thank you in the programme.

Provide a camcorder and Dictaphone - £250

  • Recording ourselves conducting and singing would help us to improve our musicianship and learn to laugh at ourselves.
  • In return, we will send you some edited footage, reserve front row seats for you and a plus one at a performance, and thank you in the programme.

Commission a new piece of music - £300

  • We are commissioning new music by young composers and poets for our 'Response to a Requiem' concert on 11th November. If you would like to sponsor a commission for this event, please let us know.
  • In return, we will invite you to a rehearsal of your piece, reserve front row seats for you and a plus one at the performance, and thank you in the programme.

Donate anonymously

  • Anything you feel inclined to donate, from a pack of Yorkshire teabags left outside the Church door to a blank cheque with our name on it, would be gratefully received. Thank you!


Thank you for deciding to help the evening star shine a little brighter.


Our Supporters

We are extremely grateful to a number of people and organisations who help to make Hesperos happen. These include:

  • St Francis of Assisi RC Church, Notting Hill
  • St Cuthbert's Church, Earls Court
  • Peter Hanke and Victoria Ely at Voces Academy
  • Our invaluable language assistants
  • Our friends and family fan club
  • Each other - if we can, we each put £15 towards each project